Need sabbatical housing near Oxford



I am open to many varied scenarios. Low cost housing or house sitting. Wi-Fi or nearby library is a must. Cost is a factor so house sitting would be optimal as this is an unpaid sabbatical. Will be working on manuscripts and computational research during my stay.


Home Needs:

Wants to house sit!
Tenant: Carolyn Fitch , Academic - Faculty/Instructor
Near: United Kingdom
Type: Country/Village Home (For one person)
Targeted Price: (No target price specified.)
Lease: Mar. 8th, 2023, until May. 10th, 2023
(Dates are negotiable)
Desired Size: about 1,500 square feet/139 square meters
Rooms: 1 full-bathrooms
2 bedrooms
5 total rooms
Desired Amenities:
Heat Included Internet Access

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