Accommodation not too far away from the Library of Congress



Hello, I am looking for a place to stay for myself and my wife. It would be great if the accommodation is located not too far away from the Library of Congress, and should be easily accessible within an hour by public transportation. Can you recommend any suitable options? Thank you for your help!


Home Needs:

Wants to rent! Wants to house sit!
Tenant: Egemen Yılgür, Academic - Faculty/Instructor
Near: District of Columbia, United States
Type: Studio or Loft (For 2 people)
Targeted Price: about $1,000.00 per month (USD)
Lease: Oct. 1st, 2023, until Mar. 31st, 2024
(Dates are firm)
Desired Size: about 753 square feet/70 square meters
Rooms: 1 full-bathrooms
1 bedrooms
1 total rooms
Desired Amenities:
Heat Included Internet Access

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