1-2 bedroom accommodation needed near University of Chicago



Hi there,
I am a postdoc, 36 year old woman looking for something near University of Chicago as I will be relocating from London, UK. Ideally something for 12 months from Dec 23 to Jan 24 but I can be flexible on start/end and will also consider options over 6 months as part of the term.


Home Needs:

Wants to rent! Wants to house sit!
Tenant: Henna Zamurd-Butt, Academic - PostDoctoral
Near: United States
Type: Apartment (For one person)
Targeted Price: (No target price specified.)
Lease: Jan. 1st, 2024, until Jan. 1st, 2025
(Dates are somewhat flexible)
Desired Size: (No desired size specified.)
Rooms: 1 full-bathrooms
2 bedrooms
2 total rooms
Desired Amenities:
Air Conditioning Deck or Patio

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